Tuesday, January 21, 2014

random yapping

Man, it's COLD!  I have no desire to go outside today.  

Well, actually, I do have a desire to go outside today, but I will not.  When it's cold enough to freeze your nose holes together, it's too cold to enjoy the outdoors.  That's my philosophy.  I read a funny tweet that said something like - wind chills just don't translate for me. How about wind descriptions, like "microdermabrasion" and "needles in your eyeballs." I was like, um, yes.

So instead, I will roam around my house.  

I have lots to do, so much I could do.  I could organize the hoarder room.

That room is a shocking embarrassment.  Kara and my poor sister are subjected to sleep there when they come over.  Somewhere in there, there is a bed.  Pretty much the rest of it is piles.  Ridiculous piles of things I so need to purge.  A good majority are outgrown clothes, but there are also boxes of craft supplies.  Because I am a weirdo, and I cannot go into a craft store without buying stupid amounts of things that I am positive I will use one day.  Like a paper crinkler.

Because everyone needs a paper crinkler.  Obviously.

I also need to reorganize my kitchen cabinets.  Is there a phobia for fear of purging?  I have so many things that I just don't use, or multiples of things.  Like, why do you need several of the same sized mixing bowl?  For that one time when you have someone over to mix things with you?  Or 11 wooden spoons?  I mean, clearly you don't use more than one wooden spoon at a time, so why do I need so many?

The answer is, I don't.  But I have the roughest time boxing stuff up and getting rid of it.  Because I think, what if??

I think I am going to partake in a purging challenge.  Starting tomorrow!!!  Tomorrow I will lay out my plan and start.  And then I will tell you all about it.  And maybe I will like, sell stuff on eBay and make all sorts of cash and be so happy.

Or maybe the week after I donate that brown suede coat I haven't worn in three years, I will wish I had a brown suede coat...


  1. Mom! You can ALWAYS save kitchen or house supplies for me! :)