Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a dry run

Spent the weekend in CT with the fam, it was good.  

I do like hanging with my sisters, it's so good to just sit around for hours in comfy clothes eating and talking and drinking coffee and planning for the Apocalypse.

Don't tell anyone we are still planning for the Apocalypse.

John wants to do a challenge, a "dry run," if you will, where we all have to get to CT (which is part one of our plan of action) but get there as if it had really happened.  Like, no car for transportation, because obviously, the roads would be pretty impassable.  That leaves four wheelers, boats or walking.  I can't tell you my exact plan, but it involves me stealing a boat, so if I do a dry run I might get arrested.

I wonder if the cops would understand if I explained.  I mean, everyone really needs to do a dry run!  They teach kids about that with fire drills - how would we all know what tree to meet at if there was a fire if we didn't have drills?  We wouldn't, would we?

The only problem with the dry run boat stealing thing (besides impending jail time, of course) is if there was an Apocalypse that happened because of an EMP.

I know all about EMP's, trust me.  Because I am a freak like to be in the know!

In case you aren't aware, an EMP is an Electromagnetic Pulse, and it is entirely plausible that one could occur as a form of nuclear war and shut down basically everything electronic.  I made the mistake of reading this book called One Second After, and it freaked me right out, let me tell you.

Ah, maybe I shouldn't divulge my mental instability.  I don't have a panic room.

I wish I had a panic room.  But I don't.  If I did I would have candy in there. 

So anyway, how was your weekend?

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  1. Lol whoa! I'm cracking up here! Guess who bought a million gallon water filter?? Yes. We are preparing for that apocalypse :-)