Wednesday, December 18, 2013

really? it's wednesday again?

WTF it's Wednesday again, and here I am!  Blogging like the blogger I am!  Who knew?

I have no business sitting down in front of the computer right now.  I am currently looking at my chalkboard countdown to Christmas, and it's mocking me.  It's like " you do know that it's 7 days til Christmas, dumbass!"  

OK, it doesn't really say dumbass, but I'm sure it means it.  Because the reality is, I have only wrapped about 12 out of 997 presents so far.  And I have not made ONE Christmas cookie.  I have not mailed ONE Christmas card.  I am a massive, horrifying Christmas slacker.

In my defense, my Christmas cards have not yet arrived.  What the heck is taking them so long?!!!  At this rate, I'll be lucky if they get to people before Santa comes to town.  I feel so crappy because Victoria's picture isn't on the cards.  Maybe that makes me a bad host mom :(  The problem was that I had it done and set on Thanksgiving before she came to live with us!  On the plus side, Victoria's Christmas ball came yesterday and she hung it on the tree, so yay!  My status as a decent host mom should hopefully be restored to good standing.

Also in my defense, I am sick!  I have a dumb cold!  I totally blame Ali and her germy family.  Ali had strep throat last week and I took a picture of her germy throat with my phone, because I'm weird like that I guess.  I can't talk, my voice is all hoarse and barky.  I'm all congested and stuff.  So, wah.  It's very hard to want to get out of bed and bake and  wrap and shop til I drop when I am hacking up a lung and feeling generally junky.  Incidentally, isn't it kind of funny when you lose your voice and you have to whisper at people, they whisper back?  I kind of like that...  

And ALSO in my defense, it's snowed!  A lot!  I'm not complaining or anything, because I absolutely love a snowy Christmas season.  I love this time of year, I really really do.  It finally feels like Christmas with snow on the ground and cold, frosty weather, and red rosy cheeks.  I love it.  But.  But, snow means school cancellations and delays.  Which of course means, cramps in my shopping and wrapping style.   How in the heck am I supposed to shop for hours on end in a blizzard with kids at home bouncing around instead of snug at their desks at school?  Sheesh.

So, yeah.  I'm sitting here on the computer.  Procrastinating and looking at awkward cat gifs, bark-laughing by myself like a dummy.  Then, just to balance myself, crying til my nose runs literally to my chin at super sad restore-your-faith-in-humanity dog rescue videos.  Jeez.  Good thing my video cam isn't on or anything.  Nobody needs to see this.

Well.  I guess I should go.  I really have to make a plan of action for what is left of this day.  And I also have to play Candy Crush and Words.  Did I say that out loud?

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