Thursday, December 19, 2013

anchorman is my motivation. you stay classy, bloggers.

So I looked at my clock at like 11 something and PROMISED myself that by noon I would get off the computer and stop procrastinating and get shit done!  So far I have been on Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, BuzzFeed... basically everywhere but the places I need to be.

Last night I wrapped about six presents.

I only have 991 left to wrap!  Wahoo!!  Progress!

Seriously.  What is wrong with me?  I am never so sluggish during the holidays!  I cannot get my shit together and make it all happen this year for some reason.  It better all magically come together like some Christmas fucking miracle.  I think it will.  I have faith.  It did snow.  That's a Christmas fucking miracle, right?  Do you think it's rude to say Christmas fucking miracle?

So crap, it's already after noon.  I lied to my own self. It's practically half past noon.  I am shocked.  Shocked!  Where does the time go?!  

And on a completely unrelated note, apparently Phil Robertson made some anti-gay remarks in a GQ article and everyone in social media is having a fit about it and he is being made to take a "break" from Duck Dynasty.  I feel that it needs to be discussed but I just don't have to time to get into it right now.

At least I showered.  Maybe I will go to the mall tonight and go see Anchorman.  That will be very relaxing.  And I could really use some movie popcorn.  Here is the the deal.  If I can wrap 11 presents, I can go to the mall and see Anchorman.  That shit is happening people!  I am doing it!  Wait, if I wrap 11 presents, and order 4 presents, I am going to Anchorman!  Hold on, wrap 11, order 4 and mail 2 packages!  That is the real deal.  And go to the pharmacy.  Because I really need a refill on my prescription.  If I do all of those things, I will reward my good behavior and go see the movie I have been waiting to see all year.

OK.  Now I really do want to go see that movie.  Before I wrap, order and mail though, I better check on movie times... let me just go on

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