Monday, May 2, 2016

19 common phrases or words that I secretly hate. Just sayin'.

I enjoy pop culture as much as the next guy, but I have to say, I get irritated at some of the annoying words and phrases.  To me, it kind of feels like the person speaking is trying a snitch too hard to be cool, and I can't help but be turned off by that.  It's actually one of my pet peeves.  Actually, the term "pet peeve" is one of my pet peeves.

In case you didn't know, pop culture is considered to be a fad or trend that has caught on quickly and becomes the next novel thing to say, do or consume. (oh, I just sounded like Lloyd Dobler right there) At the risk of offending all of you one reader, I feel the need to list several pop culture words or terms that irritate me, and that I think are pretty played out and/or cringeworthy.  Come on guys, you have to admit that it's time to retire them already.

For example, it inwardly bugs me when people refer to their husband as "hubby" or "hubs." I get that it's a highly used term of endearment and I may actually be offending you by putting that out there. Sorry.

1. Hella - You could always just say, really.  Like, instead of saying "This is hella cool!" and sounding like a dumbass,  how about you just say it's really cool.  I promise you'll sound less stupid.

2. Sorry, not sorry - OK, I get this.  You're saying sorry to be polite, but then turning around and telling someone that you're really not sorry sort of negates that...

3. Whatevs - Ridiculous. Just say whatever. Actually, don't. Whatever is annoying too.

4. What up? - As opposed to "What's up?"  Because you just can't get it right?

5. Just sayin' - I know what you're "just saying" already, because you just said it. 

6. Nomnomnom - Welp, is there any way we could just put this one out of it's misery? Why cant we just say Yum??

7. JK - What you really mean is "just kidding," but you're way too busy to type or say the actual words? This also includes saying "O. M. G." instead of actually saying Oh My God.

8. Bromance - The romance or super tight friendship between bros.  Or, guys that may or may not actually be brothers.  Pretty sure this word isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

9. I know, right? - Just need that confirmation, eh?

10. Frenemy - I like combining words.  This one means, I'm pretending you're my friend but I really hate you.  This is actually a decent word, but it's definitely gotten played out.

11. El oh el - I'm pretty sure you just “texted” out loud without the use of an actual cellphone.

12. Baby bump - A lump of baby.  In your belly.  Really?  I hope that whoever came up with this term copyrighted it, because jeez, it's everywhere.  And it has privately annoyed me for years.

13. Hilar - What is it with not being able to coherently complete a word? 

14. FAIL - Well, this just looks like you're yelling. And it's really run its course, don't you think?

15. It is what it is - I know, I know. But what it really is, is making you sound annoying. Don't say this.

16. Bae - Ugh. I originally thought I was mis-hearing "Babe" or something. But apparently it's an acronym that stands for "before anyone else." So huh. It's annoying.

17. All the feels - People will say something gives them "all the feels," to represent feeling emotional, but it's so freaking cliché, and I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I just hate the way that sounds.

18. Awesomesauce - anyone who uses this with any sense of seriousness is so the opposite of awesomesauce.

19. Amazeballs - so just amazing isn't nearly enough anymore, huh? Had to take it up a notch?

What words or terms bug you?

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