Friday, August 1, 2014

app happy - my latest top 10 apps

I feel like everyone has an iphone.  Like, if you don't have one, why?  I suppose other smartphones have the same capacity, but I am definitely pro-apple.

I love to be organized, and I love to have as much as my shit consolidated as possible.  The iphone is perfect for consoloidating shit.  I'd probably be great at advertising.  "Great for consolodating shit!"  would be my slogan.  OK fine, I would suck in advertising.  

So anyway, I like to make my life easier because I can be busy and overloaded at times.  And I really do like to get the most out of my iPhone.  The following apps are the ones that help make my life a little bit easier and more organized:

1. Spotify.  I love this music app, which is why it is my number one.  I definitely use it every single day; at home, in the car, at the gym, on a walk, in a box, with a fox.  I've checked out a bunch of different music apps and I've found this is by far the best one.  The app itself is free, but I pay monthly to be able to download an unlimited about of music, and I think it's well worth it.

2. Mapmywalk.  This is a super cool fitness app, another one that I use a ton.  It's free, which is great.  It's really cool - you can see exactly how far you've walked and the time it took you.  It talks to you during your walk even, telling you your progress.  You can get coaching and sync your music, though I'm not too familiar with that aspect of it.  It also logs other exercise if you like to keep track of that stuff.  Definitely worth checking out.

3. Shazam.  OK, this is another great music app, and it's also free.  I've used this a lot.  What it does is help you figure out the name of a song that you don't know.  Like one time, I was in this furniture store, and there was a song playing that I totally remembered from back in the day, but I couldnt place it.  So I just opened the app, it listened to the song for a sec, then told me what the name of the song was.  And then all was right in the universe. Very cool!

4. Camera360.  (free) So far this has been my favorite photo app, and I've checked out a bunch of them.  It helps me mess with pictures and give them all sorts of cool edits and stuff.  It seriously is so easy and self-explanatory, even people who aren't familiar with editing can figure it out.  And at this point, it's the app that makes me look the least wrinkley, so I am all for it!

5. Period Tracker.   (free) OK, this one is pretty much just for girls.  I don't really know too may women who don't already have this tracker, but just in case, I'll tell you about it.  It's a great tool for (obviously) tracking your period - when to expect it, what kind of symptoms you have, when you're fertile, etc.  It even has a little ticker on it to track when you're intimate.  Because you know, that could be important.  And for the moody people out there, it also helps you track your moods.  Yay!

6. Heart Rate.  This (free) app is pretty much self explanatory.  I like to see what my heart rate is before, during and after exercise, probably because I'm weird.  It's so cool though, all you have to do is put your finger over the camera for a minute, and it tells you your heart rate.  It also tracks your history if you like to look back on that stuff.

7. Retailmenot.  (free) I'm a bargain hunter.  It just makes me feel better about shopping and spending money if I get some sort of deal on whatever I'm setting out to buy.  This app is great because you can quickly check to see if there are any current coupons for whatever store you are shopping in, and then go ahead and use that coupon, right there, digitally.  I never shop online without checking it out, because at the very least, you can find a promo code for free shipping.  

8. Dashlane.  (free) I have been using this app for a while now, and it's seriously saved me tons of stress and hassle.  It's a password manager, and makes keeping track of passwords and personal information (passwords, email addresses, IDs, credit cards, secure notes, etc)  really easy.  If you're anything like me and feel like you're mentally overloaded with that kind of stuff, it is so worth it.

9. Remote.  This (free) app has saved my life on so many occasions.  It's a totally easy-to-use app that turns your phone into a remote control (for apple tv or iTunes).  There have been far too many times where my apple tv remote control has mysteriously disappeared right before I am about ready to sit down to a marathon of Breaking Bad or something.  So necessary.

10. Hopstop. (free) I like to travel around, and for some odd reason, and I particularly like public transportation.  I know I'm weird.  Besides being weird I have a shitty sense of direction and can totally get lost or confused in big cities. First of all, it gives you transit maps to rail systems in most cities.  It also gives you directions to the closest subway stations or bus stops, the schedules for trains busses and ferries, and best of all, it gives you detailed directions (and travel time) via subway, bus, walking and biking.  It is practically impossible to get lost with this app. 

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