Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Poem Meg wrote for her free writing journal


by Megan, age almost 8

One thing about families is love,

But your brother is annoying and he might shove.

They all care about you too,

But when you get in your older sister's room she would say "Shoo!"

You all have laughs,

Especially when doing crafts.

Mom would think it's a disaster,

We'd have to stop because she is the Master!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that are of interest to a Three-Year-Old with a camera


Snowy back yard
Dog and broken chair


These are some pictures that I found on my camera that Brooke took by herself. There are MANY more, maybe I will post more some other time. I think it is so cool to look at things from a different perspective, particularly, what interests a three-year-old... I actually think it's a little on the artistic side, but I could just be a proud mom. :)

Brooke's drawing of Brooke and Daddy
Brooke, up close



Glassware on the counter


I'm Sick.

Ugh. I am SICK!
It's not the Swine Flu. I'm (almost) positive.
It really feels like people are sizing me up, wondering if I am carrying the virus. I guess it is good to be concerned, but sometimes I think things get a little blown out of proportion - news coverage makes people freak out, and all of a sudden your kid has a sniffle and they get sent home from school (such was the case yesterday with my 11 year old).
Anyone can get it - I of course have done the research. Same symptoms as the regular flu, blahblahblah...

I actually considered keeping Alex home yesterday, and then I thought - "Kids have colds all of the time," no big deal, really. He made it though first period before I got the call to come get him. He had a "low-grade temp" (99.1 is mighty low grade if you ask me), he also had a sore throat. The school nurse thought he might have a spot on his tonsil. I would hate to have him infect someone else though, not trying to get anyone else sick. But schools are germ havens anyway. There is no way to really protect ourselves from germs and bugs - they are everywhere. It's part of life. If we aren't exposed to things, our bodies will never know how to fight them. So good mom that I am, I trucked him up to the pediatrician, just so I could hear her tell me what I had already diagnosed myself..."He has a cold."

THANKS, it cost me $15 and an hour ride to verify that info!
I sound like I am preaching. Sorry! It just makes me chuckle that everyone gets so crazy when they hear about the next PANDEMIC...

So yes, I have a COLD. It is irritating to be sneezing and stuffy, but I did get to take Nyquil last night and it helped me sleep like a log, which is my favorite thing to do. I actually got to rest on Sunday, because Alex was home. He hung with the kids all day (and snuck in a nap!!), and I literally stayed up in bed til night time. I NEVER do that! I think it actually made me feel better. Alex brought me home-made chicken soup from his grandmother's, which was fabulous. He also made me tea... he's so cute. Then the kids and I read books in my bed before they went to sleep. Brooke picked a book about the ABC's of dinosaurs. I had to slyly skip a few pages because that could have been an all-nighter.