Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey, remember that time that I said I'm back in it to win it?

Do you?

Hopefully not, because apparently I lied.  Because I thought I was going to be back in it to win it but then I wasn't.  Back.  In it to win it, I mean.

In other words, I really only had a few more posts after those bold words before life got busier, and I got lazy and kind of forgot that I was re-committing to blogging.

But really, for real, I actually have been kind of busy!  I know, right?  I'm not sure if its just the time of year, or if like, I am just finding more stuff to do to keep me occupied.

I've been trying not to live for unattainable moments that aren't mine anyway.

I've been trying to get myself back in to real life more, stepping away from this plastic www world.  I've been saying goodbye to ghosts that have wounded me.  I've been leaving things behind, letting things go, living in the moment.  I've been trying to "get" it.  I'm trying not to be a sad, moody brooder.  I've been smiling and stuff.

So yay for that, right?  I guess?

ANYway, I have an awesome Christmas tree in my family room right now and it is all twinkly and yummy smelling and it kind of feels like I am sitting in a deep and quiet forest.  I kind of love sitting in a deep and quiet forest.

Did you like how I changed the subject there?  I moved right along.

Because that's what I do these days.  I move right along.

Wanna come with me?