Friday, September 28, 2012

friday 5

It's Friday and man, it's raining and cold!  I am definitely pro-autumn weather - it's my absolute favorite.  Today does not feel like autumn, which is the opposite of my favorite.  It suspiciously feels like pre-winter and I'm not loving it.

Anyway, the kids have the day off of school - go figure, after just three weeks back in session.  That is pretty freaking typical around here, there's got to be a scheduled day or two off every single month.  I'm sure the teachers and kids appreciate it, but I imagine it gets hard on the parents who have to work.

Originally, Alex had a soccer tournament scheduled for today and tomorrow, but they were cancelled because of the rain.  Bunch of babies.  A little rain never hurt anyone.  I'm mad!  I really wanted to watch those tournaments!

Even though it's like 3:00 in the afternoon, we've pretty much been in our pj's all day.  One of the best parts about a rainy, grey day is getting to be comfy and cozy and lazy all day.  The girls wanted to play Cake Boss, so they each made three cakes -  two three tiered cakes will be kicking around here soon enough.  Two three tiered cakes that I will have to try not to eat.  As soon as the cakes cool off, they are going to get decorated.  My kids love Cake Boss.  I'm thinking that they are going to be pretty surprised at how hard it is to actually decorate a cake.  Buddy sure makes it look effortless.

Time's up - I'm headed off for a nice warm bath.  Happy weekend guys!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Text conversations I have with my husband v2

disclaimer:  this is a snitch inappropriate.  But what the heck.  I'm feeling sharing today.

Me: Can you just grab the steak, seltzer and paper towels?

Husband: I think so.  

Husband: OK, I got them and some poop corn.

Me: And one of those skinny french cukes!

Husband: A c*ck?

Husband: A French skinny c*ckcumber?

Me: I'm just going to pretend you are mature. 

Husband:  What? I thought that was damn you autocorrect.

Me:  Uh huh.

Husband:  I am very mature, yo.

Me: Super mature.

Husband:  So, a skinny c*ckcumber then?

Me:  omg.

Is it just my husband, or is there a 12 year-old boy locked up in every guy out there? 

Sorry about the *, I just didn't want to get a ton of pervy weirdos coming here.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

well, that irritates.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm kind of chill.  Well, on the outside.  On the outside I'm kind of chill.  On the inside, well that is just another story for another time.  But you know, I try to be kind.  Usually it's not too hard to be kind, because most people are decent.  But then there are people who are just assholes.  Those people I have no tolerance for, and I hate when I am forced to devote even one minute of my life to them - in any form.  Most often, the form of me mentally fuming over something that happened that I couldn't respond to properly, or me being forced to be in some rude jerk's presence and remain polite.

Tell me if these things bug you too, or if it's just me, being irrational and expecting too much from others.

You know how when you are talking to someone, then all of a sudden, you realize that they were paying way more attention to their cell phone or iPad than to you? 
distracted by the latest technology

Or that entitled guy who believes that he deserves a better spot in the line than everyone else.
the entitled driver

Or when you are being kind, and someone ignores your gesture.
the rude pedestrian

Or that person who can't let you finish a sentence without butting in and turning the conversation back to them.
the interrupter
Then there are the smokers that seem to congregate at the door of every establishment.  I get it, I actually kind of feel sorry that the smokers are banished to the cold outdoors to do their business, but I can't stand coughing my way through their stinky, smokey cloud on the way to my doctor's appointment.  And then of course you smell like you're the smoker.

the smoker

Lastly, that person who uses Facebook or some other form of social media to force you to listen to incessant preaching and ranting about their personal political or religious beliefs. 
the shouting from a soap box via multimedia offender

What do you guys think?

Monday, September 24, 2012

stuff around the house

This week's listicle topic is 10 things in my home.  So, I can do that.


flower from the garden


baby pumpkins

lonely piano


favorite fall scented candle


kids drawings

Friday, September 21, 2012

friday five

It's Friday, about 3:00 and I have to go pick Brooke up form school soon.  This past week has been gorgeous.  Super, awesome perfect fall weather.  My absolute favorite!  Can you tell?  It's just so nice because I hate sun beating on me without a breeze or hint of cool air or shade somewhere.  That's why I'm pretty sure I would die if someone tried to force me to live in some sweaty, hot muggy region.  Like Florida.

I was talking to someone recently about my favorite weather (pretty exciting topic, eh?)  and he told me that San Diego would be my ideal climate.  So, San Diego.  Hm.  I could live in a whale's vagina.  OK, that sounded so hideous, please click the link so you grasp what I am saying.  I can not say San Diego without thinking about that stupid clip from the Anchorman where Ron Burgundy is trying to tell Veronica Corningstone that San Diego was discovered by the German's and the name translates to "a whale's vagina."  Sorry.  It had to be said.

So anyway, yeah.  I guess I can see it.  Just packing up and moving to a whole other coast.  I'm not sure that my family would be on board.  Well, I'm sure the kids wouldn't hate living by the ocean.  Come to think of it, Alex's firm actually has an office in San Diego.  Hm. Kara would be all over it, she's dying to get to CA.  She's been angling for a move to Santa Monica since we visited in March.  I would never move to LA.  I did not love it there.  But if she was in Santa Monica and we were in San Diego, at least we would be close enough to visit easily.   I think I might be afraid of earthquakes.  In NY, we don't really have any of that scary weather crap looming over our heads that could kill us.

I'm going to California in about a month, actually.  I'll be heading out there with my sister and her friend, then I'll stay a few extra days by myself when they leave.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Last year I was in SF during the fall, and it was so nice.  I'll have to think of some fun things to do and see while I'm there.  And eat.  There are tons of great places to eat.

Speaking of food, I'm hungry.  Gotta go eat some lunch!  Happy weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 ways to drop some damn pounds

This is funny.  And strangely, kind of accurate.
1.  Get your ass off the couch.  Pick up a dumbbell, or a kid (one and the same sometimes, eh?) and put on your damn sneakers and take a walk.  Or a jog.  Or even a wog.  Just, do something.  Something other than watching 12 back to back episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, wondering why you can't be thin and rich and like, have a shapely ass.  Yes, the Kardashians do have money, they can afford gym memberships and trainers and cute sneakers, wah wah wah.  I know, it sucks not to be the Kardashians, (In the financial way.  And maybe also the shapely ass way.  And kind of maybe in the Brody Jenner super hot step-sibling way.) but let's be real, you don't need any of that crap to get your butt out the door.

2.  Stop shoving shovelfuls of shitty food in your mouth.  Yes, you.  I mean me.  Let's be real, those amazing Grandma Brown Chocolate Fudge cookies are not doing anything to help you get Kim Kardashian's shapely ass.  Not at all.  And the creamer, and sugar in your coffee?  Not good.  No, because trim people use skim milk.  It tastes like shit?  Wah wah wah.  You can drink the creamy sweet stuff when you drop a few pounds.  Now step away from the donut and eat a freaking banana.

3.  Drink a shit ton of water.  You don't like water?  It's boring?  Well, too bad.  That "Diet" Coke (I used air quotes there if you didn't notice) that you drink 3 liters of a day isn't making you any slimmer, dumbass.  The fact is, diet soda actually makes you hungrier.  So going through the drive thru getting a Big Mac, Large Fries and a Diet Coke isn't helping.  No, no it is not.  If you want to go through the drive thru at McDonald's, get a baked chicken sandwich and some apple bites.  Or a cheeseburger and kid sized fries.  Just don't get the diet soda, get a bottled water.  Put a lemon or lime in your there if you want some flavor.  And some ice for good measure.  Maybe even get some bubbles in there, to make it fizzy.  You know, like seltzer water.  Everyone likes fizzy things, right?

4.  Track what you eat.  And just because you don't track the part where you cleared your kids plate and ate 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwich bread crusts, 4 forkfuls of mac and cheese, and the bottom part of the cupcake with no icing on it doesn't mean you didn't eat it.  Be real.  Be honest with yourself.  Write that shit down every day, every bite.  If you've never done this before, you'll be shocked.  We eat way more than we think we do.  Studies show that when you track your food, you're more conscious of what you put in your mouth.  Who knew?

5. Find a friend.  You're not very friendly?  I mean me.  You're shy, kinda introverted? Uh, me again.  Hate people you don't know and already like?  Tough.  Suck it up.  If you don't have it in you to ask a buddy to walk with you, find an online friend.  There are online friends every fucking where.  Everyone wants to be your weight loss buddy online.  Just avoid meeting them in a dark alley if they suggest getting together to "discuss your weight loss progress."  Apparently, when you have someone to commiserate with, someone to push you as you push them, someone who isn't a judgey asshole in your corner, you're likely to lose more weight and keep it off.  I guess sometimes we just need a motivational friend.

Most importantly, (this makes 6 ways, a bonus!) STOP BLAMING PEOPLE, and take responsibly, now.  It doesn't matter how or why you got here.  It doesn't matter if you're 200 pounds overweight or 20.  Life is short and being overweight is unhealthy.  You're the only one who has the power to fix it.  

Now c'mon.  Let's go.  We got this.  I can be your motivational friend, and you can be mine.  Maybe.  But wait!  I'm not good at friends!  Don't call me, I'll call you?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

doing the lakey weekend thing

We went to Cooperstown a few weekends ago.  My mom has a place on the lake, so Ali and I went up with our families and met up with Mom and Steve for some fun. 

It's so nice and relaxing there... we spent tons of time on the lake - we don't usually go into town at all.  In fact, I have never even been to the Hall of Fame!  Not that it's really on my to-do list.  No offense to all of the people that have it on their to-do lists or anything, it's just not really too interesting to me.

The town is pretty neat though.  I like a place with a cool main street, neat little shops and a five and dime type of store or two.  The one time we did go into town, Alex and I walked along the main drag and grabbed some yummy ice cream cones for a minute. 

The lake is gorgeous, and there are so many nice houses and little cottages to look at.  In fact, we're strongly considering a great deal on a little lake cottage fixer-upper there, and we got a chance to walk through it and check it out. 

I love little lake cottages.

Fishing cousins. 
Brooke's first catch of the summer!

My big catch.  Yuck.

Anyway, there was fishing - tons of fishing.  There was marshmallow roasting and speed boating and slow boating and lake swimming and tubing.

Brooke had her first tubing encounter, and loved it.  After lots of "slow down!" signals, she started getting braver and turned into a little daredevil.  Alex could not be dumped - he was quite the champ. 

The "slow down" signal

There was eating and barbecuing and coffee drinking and yapping.  The kids used the paddle boat to paddle around, and they did tons of happy running dock leaps. 

Such a great way to spend a few beautiful days.

Friday, September 14, 2012

friday five

It's Friday!  I'm not sure if I should be excited or not.

It's a little after 1:00 and I've been working on some stuff.  Writing.  Going a little bit out of my comfort zone, and working on a different style.  I don't hate it.  I wish I could put music to it actually.

I'm a little out of sorts today.  I need to figure out a way to get myself cheerier, need to figure out a way to not let things get to me.  It's hard sometimes.  

This song called "Love, Love, Love," was just playing, by Of Monsters and Men and I love these lyrics.  Sometimes I am so distracted listening to the words of a good song, I forget what I was even doing.  This part is really visual, it's like a painting.  Does that sound weird?  

     these fingertips
     will never run through your skin
     and those bright blue eyes
     can only meet mine
     across a crowded room 
     filled with people 
     less important than you

I wish I could paint.  I want to paint a picture of those words.

I guess I don't have much going on this weekend, which makes me happy.  I quite enjoy a rare weekend with nothing on the calendar.  It feels good.  I do have a few little excursions to plan this weekend - airplane tickets to get booked.  In mid-October, I'm hopefully going to California for a few days with my sister, and then heading to South Carolina for a wedding towards the end of that month.  Hoping to make it out to Denver for another wedding around the New Year, which should be great.  Then, who knows where I'll go?  Any suggestions?  For my next big solo trip, I'm thinking Seattle.   

Time's up!  Happy weekend guys!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

to-not-do list

I have so much crap to get to today, I feel overwhelmed.

So instead, I think I will sit on the computer and alternate between Blogger, Facebook and Pinterest pretty much all day.  You know, basically ignore my responsibilities because well, it's easier that way. And funner.

Oh whatever, I know funner isn't a word.  I just like the way it rolls off the tongue.  So there.

So instead of checking a bunch of stuff off of my arms length to-do list, I am going to make a to-not-do list, and check things off of that.  Because I can.

I'm the boss of me.

To-Not-Do Today

1.  Call twenty seven doctor's offices to make twenty seven doctor's appointments. (slight exaggeration)

2.  Eat breakfast.  I want coffee instead.  It's an either/or kinda thing.

3.  Vacuum the downstairs.  Did I not just vacuum yesterday?

4.  Call EZ Pass to fix my account.

5.  Call cable to get a mistaken charge removed.

6.  Call the vet for a puppy appointment.

Seeing a pattern here?  I abhor making phone calls.

7.  Hose the back porch.  Puppy training... at least she didn't go the bathroom in the house.

8.  Go to the gym.  I'm sick of that dumb place.

9.  Clean up the guest room.  Dang but it's turned into a second playroom up there.  I didn't make a Polly Pocket house from one end of the room to the other, so I am pretty sure I'm not picking that shit up.

10.  Write a decent blog post.  Self explanatory.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

text conversations I have with my husband v1

disclaimer: If you've never seen Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy), this exchange will most definitely be very confusing to you.  

Me:  Where are you?  You said you were just leaving.

Husband:  I am a man.  Doing man things.

Me:  OK Ron Burgundy, should I expect you any time soon?

Husband:  Can you pick me up.  I'm too old for Man Day.  Those growlers were strong and I may or may not be drunk.

Me:  When in Rome...

Husband:  Yes, go on.

Me:  If I recall correctly, Ron Burgundy walks home.

Husband:  I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.   I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. 

Me:  Why don't you try that new fad, jogging.  I believe it's jogging or yogging.  It might be a soft j.

Husband:  But I'm in a glass case of emotion!

Me:  Son of a bee-sting.  

Me: Fine, I'll be there in a minute.  You better be ready because I am not waiting on your drunk ass.

Husband:  When you get here, I'll give you two tickets to the gun show, and see if you like the goods.

Me: I'm going to punch you in the ovary. 

Husband:  60% of the time, all of the time.

Me: OMG. Please stop talking before I change my mind.

Husband:  Agree to disagree?

Me: You're a smelly pirate hooker.

Husband:  Poop mouth!  Poop in your mouth!

Me:  Oh, you are going right to bed.

Husband: Take me to pleasure town?

Me:  OMG.  Get in the car. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

getting sent to the principal

Norman Rockwell, from The Saturday Evening Post

I was a really naughty kid in elementary school.  I was sent to the Principal's office often.  Me and good old Mr. Gerrain should have been on a first name basis by the time I left that place.

None of my elementary teachers liked me after like, first grade.  Except maybe my second grade teacher, who invited me to her house to pick strawberries.  I'm not sure why my mother didn't find that somewhat alarming.  I'd absolutely find it alarming if Brooke's teacher invited her over to do anything.  Maybe it's me but I just think it's kind of crossing some odd, invisible Mary Kay Letourneau-ish line.  It was all good though, I don't remember anything weird going on - just more of a love for that nice teacher with frizzy hair and huge glasses.  She had a bathtub in her classroom.  It was called the reading tub, and I absolutely loved that thing.  It wasn't hooked up or anything of course, it was just an old cast iron foot tub thing, and it had pillows in it.  If you finished your work, you could climb in there and read, two kids at a time.

One day, this girl climbed in to read with me.  I was saving the extra spot for my best pal Val,  who hadn't completed her work at that point, so I was pissed.  But that annoying girl refused to get out!  So I did what any self respecting second grader would do.  I climbed out of the tub and hid that brat's shoes.  And then refused to confess.  At some point, the shoes were found, but not because I told.  I was a stubborn little thing. That may have actually been my first trip to the Principal's office.

My third grade teacher Mr. Kipp hated me.  He was super short and had a red beard.  He definitely had a short man's complex. His wife was really short too, and incidentally, so was his son.  Their family happened to live on my street growing up.  Man, we tormented that poor, short, nerdy kid... I wonder how he turned out.  Maybe I should look him up on facebook and apologize for ding-dong ditching him like, every freaking day til they moved.  You'd think that the kid would catch on after a while.  But anyway, yep, Mr. Kipp hated me.  Within the first few weeks of third grade, I got sent to the Principal's office for making frog noises in the hallway.  Really?  That's so offensive?  Clearly that short meanie had no sense of humor.

Also, he would dump your desk if it was messy.  He totally took pleasure in doing it too.  With no notice, he'd just come up, peer into your desk, and if it was messy, he'd overturn it, and dump every last thing on the floor.  Then of course we had to pick up the mess and reorganize everything.  I think that may border on highly inappropriate behavior from a teacher.  Once he dumped my desk and broke a jewelry box that I brought in to show one of my friends. 

I also got sent to the Principal's office in his class because I was selling stuff out of my desk.  Nothing bad, just like, loose leaf paper and pencils.  And I also sold looks at the smallest pencil in the world for 10 cents a pop.  I was making all kinds of candy money.

Apparently that was frowned upon, being an 8 year-old entrepreneur.  I mean, is it my fault if the dumbass kids in my class forked over 10 cents to see a stubby pencil in an old Sucrets's tin?  I should have been awarded a medal for my savvy money-making skills. 

My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Halley absolutely had to have hated her life the school year that I had her.  She had this super short, fire-engine red hair.  She was a little overweight and she dressed like, really out there.  There were a bunch of kids in my class that were equally as naughty as I was that year.  She called us "dishgushting individuals" every single day.  One time she brought us out to play kickball, and she went to kick the ball and missed, and fell down and ripped her panty hose.  We all laughed and she cried.  That's so mean!  I still feel a little guilty about that...  do people still wear panty hose anyway?

I told my sixth grade teacher Mr. Potts that I hated him when he wouldn't let me wear a hat in class, and he told me the feeling was mutual.  Those were his exact words.  I was upset because I had just gotten a bad perm and let me tell you, I was horrified.  My mom sent me to the lady across the street who was practicing to be a beautician to do the perm.  Thanks MOM.  What the hell were you thinking?  Let's just say I looked a little like Orphan Annie.  Anyway, the guy couldn't have just let me wear a hat?  Sheesh.  Let me just tell you, when my daughter Kara had him as a science teacher in middle school, I did not visit that class during open house or communicate with him once the entire school year.  I didn't want him to dislike her through association.  Thankfully she was a good kid who had no trouble in science.  I would have most definitely had an anxiety attack if I had to go see him.  I was definitely scarred.

The summer between sixth and seventh grade was seriously dramatic as far as my behavior was concerned.  We moved from elementary school to junior high, and it was like someone hit me over the head with a wand, because I was completely different from that point on.  I absolutely preferred fading into the background over having anyone look at me, and never once visited the 
Principal after sixth grade.

Want to know something funny?  The Principal that I visited so often in elementary school is my son's friend's grandfather.  I see him a lot at soccer games and things and he is really nice and friendly.  Not the least bit scary, like I remembered him as a kid.  It's never been discussed, but I'm sure he remembers me as that naughty kid.  That's so embarrassing.

Any getting sent to the principal's office stories you wanna share?

Monday, September 10, 2012

monday listicle 10 songs

So the Monday Listicle topic this week is 10 songs.  Well.  I was kind of hemming and hawing, not sure of how to approach the ten songs thing because you know, I listen to music a ton, like every day.  And I really like all kinds of music.  So what 10 songs?  What kind of songs?  Randoms?  Faves?  Cheesy?  80's?

Then I was thinking about how everyone in my life makes fun of the weird tunes that I like, until they are forced to listen to them a few times. Then they decide that the tunes are in fact, rather cool.  Have to admit that it gets me smirking when I see my 7 year-old singing along to an obscure tune called, "Love your Shoes," by Furniture.

Either way, it's still hard to pick, because a large majority of the tunes that I find myself listening to would probably be considered weird by your average top 40 listeners.  So here's a little smattering.  Sorry if any of them have ads or aren't official videos.


1. Love Your Shoes by Furniture

2. Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men

3. I Don't Believe You by The Magnetic Fields

4. Lonely, Lonely by Feist

5. Slow Show by The National


6. Swim Until You Can't See Land by Frightened Rabbit

7. Everything in its Right Place by Radiohead

8. Video Games by Lana Del Rey

9. Lippy Kids by Elbow

10. Atmosphere by Joy Division

linking up

Friday, September 7, 2012

friday five

It's 1:55 and the kids should start rolling in in less than an hour.

Where did the day go?!

It seems like every year when my kids go off for the new school year, I have a period of adjustment too.  I mean, I know that they have to readjust - it's a lot to have to get back into nights where they have to shower and eat dinner and be in their beds by 8ish.  Days where they can no longer get up at their leisure, where they can swim their faces off all day.  Where they can eat breakfast at oh, maybe 11, and then lunch somewhere around 3 or so, and 500 Popsicles in between.

Sorry kiddos, those days are OVER.  At least til next summer.  

My readjusting comes in the form of figuring out what the hell to do with myself all day.  Sometimes I think, maybe I will make one of those crafts that look so easy on pinterest, or bake one of those awesome goodies, or maybe even cook one of those yummy dinners.  Then instead, I just laugh heartily at that thought and keep pinning more shit til I realize that if I don't get in the shower now, I'll never make it to the school in time to pick up Brooke.  Then suddenly, take-out pizza starts to seem really appealing. 

Aw, who am I kidding?  I'm going sushi.

Times up!  Happy weekend guys.

cider sky

Every time I close my eyes I can touch the colors around meSuddenly I realize everything I thought was impossible is hereAnd my heart sings in a world so incredibleAnd everything burns much brighter
I want to fly into this beautiful life I think it'd be nice with you
Fingertips, northern lights, tracing colors right through the skyUnderneath a lullaby I never felt as blissful as I do hereAnd my heart sings in a world so incredibleAnd everything shines much brighter
I want to fly into this beautiful life I think it'd be nice with you

Set the night on fire if we want toHanging out with the stars and the big moonI'm very well, thank you how do you do
Set the night on fire if we want toHanging out with the stars and the big moonPull them down for a dance with your lasso

I think it'd be nice with you

Thursday, September 6, 2012

school, encyclopedia salesmen and obligatory photos

So the kids are officially back in school!!!

YAHOO!! I mean, aww.

I saw the funniest picture somewhere of a mom standing in front of her garage door, first day of school.  The kids are all in their spanking new outfits with their overloaded backpacks weighing them down, and they're all frowning.  Looking cranky.

And the the mom is jumping up in the air with a huge smile on her face.  Even though it's a silly staged photo op, it's awesome.

So awesome in fact, that I think I might take a moment to try to find the picture to share with you.  Because really, we all know how giving and thoughtful I am.  

I'm back!  Internet/google magic made that task very quick and easy.  Quick little search and I found exactly what I was looking for.  How did I survive without google?

Heh, just like I remembered it.  I have a great memory.  Not really.
Speaking of The Google, how did we survive without it?  Remember encyclopedias?  Remember encyclopedia salesmen?

I totally remember them knocking on our door trying to guilt my mom, while looking deeply and meaningfully into her eyes for a full five seconds, into spending approximately 476 thousand bucks in easy installments of only 10 cents a day for ten years, on a massive set of hard covered encyclopedias that would "last a lifetime,""enable us to go to the college our choice," "live our lives to the fullest," etc.  You know, basically implying that without the encyclopedias, we would grow up to be nothing but homeless beggars, and it would be all her fault.  Hm.  Does 10 cents a day for ten years even add up to 476 thousand bucks?  *I'm guessing no... Probably I would have known if mom had bucked up and bought those freaking encyclopedias.


Ah, good times...

Thank Cod for Google.  It's so free.  And let's face it, free is awesome.  And I would go so far as to suggest that I actually use Google every single day.  Because I have a lot of research and stuff to do on a lot of very important stuff.  You don't even know!

ANYwho, my kids are back to school!  They were looking forward to it, which is kind of typical.  They all came home happy enough - kind of blah and lame, but not crying.  So that's good.  They could have been a little more enthusiastic about it though!  Sheesh, I waited patiently all day to hear about their classes and new friends and stuff.  Stinking kids.

They looked cute though, (Except Alex who got the ugliest sneakers when he was out shopping with my mom.  THANKS MOM.  I never would have purchased such hideous kicks.  I've since offered him a hundred bucks to wear chucks to school for a week.  He's still debating, that little brat.  He says I don't know what's in style.  OH YES I DO, and it's definitely not UGLY sneakers.) so of course I'll share the obligatory back to school pictures of my kids because I know you're all dying to see those little punks of mine.  I've cropped out Alex's disgusting sneakers.  You can thank me later.

Alex & Meg, going into 10th and 6th grades

Alex & Meg & Brooke in her pj's

Brooke, going into 2nd grade
Brooke and Maizie the puppy

Hope all of your kids had a great first day back to school!

*FYI, 10 cents a day for ten years really only adds up to $3,640.  See?  I do know how to do math.  That is right, right?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My boy Alex turned 15 today...

Fifteen years of mischievous smiles, sparkly blue eyes, laughter, sweetness, silliness, love.

I do so love this boy of mine.